The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor is a fitness and weight loss program for women created by experienced personal trainer John Barban. The system is based on the philosophy of using the Golden Mean, the balanced middle between two extremes, to determine the perfect proportions for the female body. He refers to this as the ‘Venus Index’; the ideal ratio of hip, waist and shoulder measurements that creates the most aesthetically pleasing female physique. This unique fitness system gives women the lean, sculpted bodies they have always dreamed of having.

The perfectly balanced proportions of the Venus Index are achieved through a nutrition and exercise program designed get rid of unwanted body fat while adding lean muscle in just the right amounts, and in just the right places. The unique body shape, fat storage patterns and hormone levels of readers are taken into account to provide every woman with an individualized regimen based on her age, weight and body-type. This optimizes results, allowing women to make considerable progress in a matter of weeks.

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How it works

The hormones estrogen, leptin and growth hormone affect female metabolism, muscle growth and fat storage; and levels of these hormones are expertly manipulated through smart diet and exercise recommendations. This personalized, gender-specific approach to building a beautiful, balanced feminine physique has women raving about the results they have achieved using this one of a kind approach to total fitness.

Commitment and Motivation

There is some hard work involved in creating the perfect bikini body, but John Barban teaches women how to work smarter not harder to get the best results in the shortest time possible. By following the program to the letter, women can expect a complete transformation in just three short months.

The good news is that The Venus Factor takes into consideration the busy lives modern women live. The workouts are short, intense and convenient; three to four weekly workouts lasting 30-40 minutes is all it takes to get in tip-top shape. The meal plans take advantage of the health benefits of eating clean, whole foods, and require a minimum of prep time in the kitchen. All of the recipes are easy to prepare, and the food tastes delicious.

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Components of the Program

There are four components that make up this unique, comprehensive fitness solution for women:

The Main PDF: This is the meat of the program, as it explains the philosophy of the system in great detail and reveals the secrets the author has learned in his decades of experience. It reveals every step of the 12-week program in an easy to understand format that even absolute beginners can follow.

The Exercise Regimen: Here you will find video demonstrations of all of the exercises in the program, including modified versions that can be performed without a gym membership or access to fitness equipment. This makes it possible to work out just about anywhere and reap the full benefits of the program.

The Virtual Nutritionist Software: this handy tool will create a customized nutrition program based on the age, weight, body-type and food preferences of the individual participant. With this handy app, sticking to an individually customized diet will be a breeze.

The Online Forum: Access to the forum is provided for members who have purchased the program, and allows users to share their experiences, ask for advice and share tips they have found to be helpful. It is the ultimate support group for women who are dedicated to transforming their bodies!

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Is This Right for Me?

If you are ready to put all of the excuses aside and commit to getting into the best shape of your life, then this is the program for you. Woman of any age and experience level can benefit from the course, though it is designed for those who want serious results, and who are willing to make a serious commitment to themselves to get there. The author created the system with one goal in mind; help women sculpt stunning, jaw-dropping, exquisitely balanced bodies that every man will desire and every woman will envy. If this is what you want to achieve, get your hands on a copy of The Venus Factor today and make your dream a reality.

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